I'm sometimes looking for new models to work with, but I'm always looking for that awesome collaborator.

Is that you?

I'm trying to catch up with my models from '09-10. If you see yourself here, or shot with me, please get in touch. I have copies of everything for you, and a pleasant surprise.

Working with me:
⭐ General Updates⭐
Everyone shooting with me now, including existing models, will need to sign an "Arrangement Letter." This will clarify expectations. It will not be a model release. It will state that I am a photographer, you are a model, I own all rights to the photographs, I have rights to use them for artistic, editorial, and/or journalistic purposes (these include exhibition in electronic and physical forms as well as appropriate types of publication), that I intend but do not guarantee to provide you copies of work from the shoot with no particular guarantee of the time involved, and that any disputes as to the disposition of the work will be resolved before the shoot is concluded. A single government issued government ID will be required.
I will not photograph anyone under the age of 21 unless I have a complete model release. Most likely I will want to see evidence of previous modeling work of similar nature. I will want one or more forms of ID and I will want a thumbprint. I may want the model release witnessed. I will also try to talk you out of the shoot before we meet, because that's what I've done in the past, and it makes me feel better.
Regardless of the age of the model, if I get a weird or "squidgy" feeling, I may also want a model release, or I may just not shoot. If you spent some time and/or money traveling to me, and I don't shoot, I will probably pay you for your trouble. I may or may not pay you your complete fee, depending whether I believe misrepresentation was involved.
I may actually require some new models to be accompanied.

⭐ Some Expectations That I Shouldn't Have to State and Yet 28 Aug 2019⭐
Okay, after various experiences over the years, and after multiple experiences this year, here are firm expectations from models, particularly surrounding a first shoot and also a second. Once I have a working relationship, the below becomes less of an issue.
You must be easily reachable and I need text and email addresses in addition to whatever we start with (often Instagram chat). If I contact you and don't hear back within a few hours or a day at most, I can't work with you. Ever. If you can't talk for a while (you're going on a trip, etc.), let me know when you'll be available, but let me know that as soon as possible.
If this is the first time we have shot, I will not go to you, unless I know you will be there (e.g. it is your home). You can meet me where I am, or a few minutes from where I am. If you cancel on me when I am away from home, I will not shoot with you again.
We can travel to a location together if you like. No, I'm not going to have a third person as a chaperone for the trip if that's a question.
If you are a new, non-professional model, and you are not reachable immediately after we shoot, the shoot goes into my "burned shoots" and will not see the light of day. This makes me extremely unhappy as I just wasted time and money and resources and this is also fatiguing and upsetting.  If I don't hear from you again, it will be physically destroyed. If I do hear from you before that happens, before I do anything else at all with you, including releasing any photographs to you, I will want (a) extra verification of ID, and (b) a signed model release (potentially witnessed). Then, you will get your photos, and I may or may not ever shoot with you again.
If you cancel when I am away from home, I may choose not to shoot with you again. I used to put up with this, but it has happened too many times now. See below.
Depending upon circumstances, such as verifiable emergencies, the above are flexible.

⭐ Updates for Kitsap/Seattle 20 May 2019⭐
I write too many words sometimes ... let's just simplify this. Yes, *cough*, this is me simplified.
Lately, I find myself working with models who do their work for a living, which is great. I don't have any reason to do trade shoots unless with someone who doesn't need the money. So here are the basics:
Generally, all shoots are paid, if you need the money. Normally I am going to want a reasonable rate or a discount to that rate, as I will give you (ultimately) as much from the shoot as I possibly can, even though it's a paid shoot.
If you reach out to me and are not a pro model, we'll shoot something somewhere between trade and a reduced rate. We may shoot trade the first time, depending.
I don't do any work for hire. I don't have time and this is a hobby. I've been getting more requests for shoots; if demand grows, I may just lower what I'm willing to pay or do a few trade shoots. I don't plan to charge a model to shoot, ever.
Expectations for rates: $75-100/hr for nude. Negotiation is possible in both directions. For non nude, let's discuss.
I prefer working with models who I can continue to work with, occasionally, or frequently. If you want to shoot with me every couple or six weeks and we have a good rate and working relationship, that's totally doable till I run out of money or time. That is to say, I am not a photographer who doesn't like to repeat. I like repeats. I like having a solid working relationship with some history and context, and when appropriate a casual friendly (professional!) relationship with my models.
You will get a copy of as much as I can give you, as soon as possible. You will also eventually get all of the Instax that I shoot to keep for yourself or sell to fans. I've tried to give models a copy of the raw shoot on the spot, but that is going to require you bringing your own laptop and having a fast SD reader available. It just takes a lot of time. I absolutely cannot plug someone else's drive or other storage device into my laptop. I do have a tower computer available, and USB 3.1 SSDs (like Samsung T5s) work great. But eventually you'll get the raw shoot and scans and edits and physical Instax. You may get other things. The time frame from this is usually a few photos right away, then, depends how long editing takes. I am very backed up with editing now, as I shot nonstop for 2-3 months in Spring 2019 and it is going to take me a long time to clear that backlog.
I shoot some film. I may shoot all film during a session. I may shoot some digital, some film. I may shoot nearly all digital. It varies. If you have a preference, let me know. Lately it seems that I'm bizarrely good with Instax. I don't know why.
I have lots of film "toys." I'm going to keep having more. :) Quite likely I have more than you've ever been photographed with, and possibly more than you've ever seen.
I live in a house in Bremerton. It's pretty close to ideal for shooting. For some folks it's out of the way. I'll help you with transportation.
As far as generally working with me goes: If you have any concerns, you should be able to find excellent references from local models. I aim to be ultra safe and responsible even if we are doing "adventurous" shoots (e.g. in public spaces). I'm probably more cautious that most of the models who do that type of shooting.
If you don't like the results of a shoot, no worries; we'll figure out how to use it or not use it in a way that is OK with you, and if we work again later, we'll do something else, no harm done, and absolutely no harm done to your reputation. You can say whatever the hell you want about me in public or private, because the people I work with know me and how I work and behave. Me, personally, if I can't say anything nice, I'm not going to say anything, except, privately,  things like "You ought to be on time with her" or "When we shot she did/didn't like X" ...
I'm not crazy about chaperones, but I'll listen to you if you want one, and if it's necessary for your comfort, we can work it out.
I pay on the day of the shoot unless otherwise arranged. If I'm late for a shoot or cancel before you can rebook or just in a way that sucks for you, I'll pay you for the time you expected. It would be nice if we could make up some time later under circumstances extremely convenient to you, but optional.
If you cancel on me, please do it before I've driven 4 hours or flown or rented a hotel room or something like that. It's not very nice to your photographer. I may request that you come to me and that your next shoot is free or at a greatly reduced rate if you do this to me, else, we won't be working together again. If I'm at home, cancel away; I have plenty to occupy me otherwise.
I'll shoot anything, as long as it has some creative potential, and seems interesting to me and to my model. I mean anything. The crazier suggestions usually come from models. If we shoot some stuff that I can't personally do much with (too explicit or not really my thing or whatever), that's probably fine, probably already been there, done that. I shoot erotica, but only on request, and requests are rare. I don't have a use for it otherwise.
You'll be free to use everything that I give you for personal use. This includes a license to display for Patreon or similar services, to use for calendars or self-published books, and so on. It does not convey any rights for you to sell, sublicense, widely republish, or redistribute any of my work.
I almost never shoot with a model release. (This is about to change, but in a model-friendly way.) A model release is not necessary for a photographer to publish or exhibit his own work, or to license it directly for use as a representation of the person in the photograph. Sublicensing for commercial purposes is generally impossible without a release. If we wind up shooting things that I think will be useful for stock or other commercial purposes, then we could do a release and discuss additional associated payment. Another possibility is that I may shop something I've already shot and come back to you for a release if I find someone interested in it. It's totally up to you whether you agree to it.
Hope this is helpful.
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